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Don't Waste Money On Google Adwords

RRP $18.99

Most people waste money on Google AdWords because their product or service is wrong for AdWords or they fail to execute a smart AdWords campaign. After reading this book, you will know if your product or service is right for Google AdWords, and you will learn every phase of managing and executing a successful Google AdWords campaign so that you don't waste money on Google AdWords.

Teen Money Manual

RRP $19.95

Wouldn't it be great if money grew on trees? But since it doesn't, everyone has to learn how to earn and manage money in order to live-and it's never too early to start. This book offers today's teens the best and most up-to-date tips on how to make money, how to spend it, how to invest and save it, and how to protect it. Learn how to land that first job, figure out your paycheck, and negotiate a raise. Discover how to stretch your money to cover all of your needs and (at least some of!) your wants. Learn to be a savvy saver to vastly improve your life. Really! Once you've started to accumulate property and money, you're not done managing your financial life. Far from it! Find out what it takes and how much it will cost.

Managing God's Money

RRP $11.99

God cares a great deal more about our money than most of us imagine. The sheer enormity of Scripture’s teaching on this subject screams for our attention. In fact, Jesus says more about how we are to view and handle money and possessions than about any other topic—including both heaven and hell. In Managing God's Money, Randy Alcorn breaks down exactly what the Bible has to say about how we are to handle our money and posessions in a simple, easy-to-follow format. Filled with Scripture references, Managing God's Money is the perfect reference tool for anyone who is interested in gaining a solid biblical understanding of money, possessions, and eternity.

Managing Global Risks In The Urban Age

RRP $316.99

The first full-length exposition of what it terms a global city-global risks nexus, this volume crosses disciplinary boundaries to draw upon research from Security Studies; Geography; Sociology; and Urban Studies. Innovative in its approach integrating theories about Global Cities with those positing a Global Risk Society, Yee-Kuang Heng positions this research in the midst of two concurrent global trends that will gain more significance in coming years. The world is experiencing the consequences of not only rapid globalisation, but also urbanization. In 2008, the UN declared that more than half the world's population was now urban. At the same time, highly connected global cities like New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore also face rapidly spreading global risks such as pandemics and financial crises. Unique in developing a typology of global risks that threaten a global city like Singapore, beyond its Asian focus, the book also draws out thematic and policy lessons pertinent to other global cities. 'Global cities' do not simply materialize. They are dependent on a range of stakeholders at various levels that produce and re-produce its command and control capabilities, in the face of global risks. Singapore's experiences managing global risks in the financial; aviation; and maritime domains are common concerns shared by many countries and cities that have, or aspire to develop, similar critical infrastructure.

Effortless Money Management

RRP $18.99

Effortless Money Management

The simplest, easiest to implement money management strategy that anyone can use

Do you hate it when money management books simply tell you to stop spending money?

They preach that the best way to save money is to cut back all spending, save every penny and effectively have no life!

What these books don't understand is that a methodologies like that actually sets you up for failure.

They ignore one key principle, the psychology of spending and saving.

And ignoring that guarantees failure.

Proper budgeting, money management and saving will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

The key to success is about using very specific strategies to effortlessly manage your money.

Instead of cutting back on lattes, nights out, and fun the key is to implement systems that compliment your lifestyle.

Systems like this are easy to implement and allow you to save, pay off debt and escape the stresses of financial worry all without being a Scrooge.

If you've fallen prey to poor financial advice before then let me guide you with proven, easy to implement strategies.

These strategies, and the step-by-step program contained in this book is the exact way I escaped my own financial hell.

A few years ago I was broke, paying off debt and, to be honest with you, in a pretty bleak mental state.

The only way I managed to escape was that I decided to go against the conventional wisdom that had failed me so many times before.

I studied everything I could from psychology to accountancy, with the aim of trying to decode the secret to money management.

What I found allowed me to escape the clutches of debt, save for my future and returned me to my happy self.

Everything I learned through my own trial and error is within this book and I've laid it out for you in an easy to implement step-by-step guide.

Pick up this book, read it and implement my system and I guarantee that you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And best of all, you will do it without having to cut back on what you love, be frugal or become scrooge.

So buy the book now and start to take back control of your life.

I look forward to this journey with you.

To your success,


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Payday Loan Bad Credit Car Loan Cheap Loan
Loan Shark Secured Loan Personal Loan Unsecured Loan
Second Mortgage Consolidation Loans Student Loan Managing Money

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